Article – Gardenback Sleepless


Köln based writer, Savannah has written a short piece for the release of our new single.

The grungy guitar riff of Sleepless instantly reels you in as it welcomes you to a sound that you have never heard before. Gardenback simultaneously comes in together with a loud bang that creates a track that will have you listening on repeat all weekend. Ellis James’ edgy vocals perfectly coincide with his melodic bass lines as he sings the anthemic chorus:

“I wish I was someone you could love.”


Read the full article on the Cologne-based music blog HEY.

Oldham launches A night and day takeover…

IT was quite some night when Oldham roared into Manchester’s iconic Night and Day Cafe venue in the Northern Quarter – and they well and truly smashed it!

That’s right, I was inside the packed venue for the latest Manchester showcase night from national promoters This Feeling, and two of the four bands – Gardenback, from Saddleworth, and Mossley’s Proletariat – did our town proud.

Simon Smedley

Full review – Oldham Chronicle – 28 March 2017

Ellis at Night and Day
Photographer: James Barlow © Chronicle Online