Let it happen – review

Read here what Let It Happen wrote about ‘Health and Wellbeing’.

“Manchester three-piece, Gardenback, have shared their new single, Health and Wellbeing. It’s their third release since appearing in early 2017 and, boy, does it show promise.

Slapping you right in the face with noisy psyche guitars and a driving post-punk beat, the track leaps out of the gate. The lyrics, looking at themes of mental health, drip with sarcasm (‘It’s out of sight, it’s out of mind’), highlighting modern attitudes towards mental health and the stigma around it.

It might’ve been easy to get lost in the desolate landscape the bleak lyricism creates had it not been for the electrifying instrumental. The guitars wash over the whole production, while the band look more towards the bass to steer the melodies. The drums refuse to let up at any point throughout the track as the song slowly builds, layer after layer being added, resulting in deafening dissonance, complete with a rallying cry riddled with despair, somewhat reminiscent of the nasal shrieks of a Cabbage tune.

This young band are brimming with potential and it will be exciting to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves. Anyone who wants to know can catch them at their debut London Show before they bring the house down at Kendal Calling in late July.”

Little Indie Blogs – Review

Read here what Little Indie Blog’s had to say about our latest single.

“Oldham garage rock trio Gardenback release new single ‘Heath and Wellbeing’ tomorrow (June 30), just in time to give it an airing later the same evening at their headline show at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen – followed by a date at Leeds’ Verve Bar on July 12 and Kendal Calling on July 26.

The follow-up to their earlier ‘Bulldogs’ is a sub-five minute torrent of swirling guitars and sharp-edged vocals. “Out of sight is out of mind”, Ellis James sings here – on the song he describes as the band’s most “creatively ambitious song to date” – which may not be the case with Gardenback in your head.”

Turnupthevolume review

Read TurnuptheVolume‘s review here.

“This new, delirious single by outspoken garage trio ‘Gardenback‘ electrifies from start to finish. The reverberating guitar parts sound like they were recorded back in the psychedelic sixties and inject this commotive crackerjack non-stop with flaming fuel.”


Liverpool Gig Review 16/3/18 – Sounds From Nowhere

Kick Out #4: Deja Vega, Uncle Jane, Gardenback, KingFast, 81 Renshaw St, 16/03/2018

Oldham’s Gardenback return to Kick Out after a great response last time. Its easy to fill a review with comparisons and whilst avoiding that cliché its difficult not to go down that path when they wear their influences so brightly on their sleeve. This is no bad thing in their case.

With an intro that disappointingly sounded like they were launching into a cover of OCS’s “Riverboat Song“, everything turns into Tago Mago lite Canand is all the better for it. From that point on its pure joy all the way.
Lyrics about motorways and dark as hell basslines can’t help to raise the spirit of Joy Division and new track “Bulldog” shows perhaps the real Gardenback, despite maintaining decades of musical heritage like a musical version of a bag of Rowntree’s Randoms.

Health and Well Being” is a beautiful thing, created from a wall of driving guitars and killer drums that sound nothing like a three piece from Oldham should. “Sweetness“, a highlight in this explosive set sounds like one of those belter B Sides by Blur that called on Barrett era Floyd for Brownie points, Gardenback repay the favour.

Whilst “Bury Me” resembles a typical downbeat album closer, there is a sense that this may be the first wrong foot in an otherwise impeccable set, but no, it redeems itself as a classy composition and a perfect place to exit. Gardenback are a band I want to listen to a lot more.

LuCoo Live Jimmy’s All-Dayer Reviews

Read here the reviews from the All-Dayer at Jimmy’s NQ.

Even The Stars: http://www.eventhestars.co.uk/2018/01/dantevilles-hello-operator-gardenback.html?m=0

“They’re a band we hadn’t heard of before, but who really impressed us.”

Northern Alive: https://northernalive.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/lucoo-live-27-01-18/#more-1278

“The trio’s song Bulldog is particularly ear catching and includes a mixture of fierce, warped riffs with chanting vocals.”

Music and Gigs: https://www.musicandgigs.co.uk/single-post/2018/01/31/LIVE-LuCoo-Live-All-Dayer-in-Manchester


Turn up that volume – Sleepless review

Big thanks to turn up that volume for their kind words on ‘Sleepless’

“A captivating wall-of-guitar monster fueled with vehement vocals and a hammering rhythm section. This three-piece’s heated intensity will fuel your engine instantly. Top!”

Check it out here, featured alongside other great sounding tracks.

Oldham launches A night and day takeover…

IT was quite some night when Oldham roared into Manchester’s iconic Night and Day Cafe venue in the Northern Quarter – and they well and truly smashed it!

That’s right, I was inside the packed venue for the latest Manchester showcase night from national promoters This Feeling, and two of the four bands – Gardenback, from Saddleworth, and Mossley’s Proletariat – did our town proud.

Simon Smedley

Full review – Oldham Chronicle – 28 March 2017

Ellis at Night and Day
Photographer: James Barlow © Chronicle Online