Emerging North – Bulldogs Review

Huge thanks for Emerging North for our first review on our latest single ‘Bulldogs’

“The crys of ” you bark like a bulldog!” and “B-U-L-L-D-O-G!” imply that Bulldog has all the attributes of being a big fan favourite whenever Gardenback take to the stage.”


Click through this link here to read the full review:

Gardenback- Bulldogs



Jimmy’s live gig review – HEY magazine


“Gardenback’s set never let you sit still, no matter how much you wanted to because of the sweat box venue we were in. From their new mesmerizing songs to their killer covers (“Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads and “Temptation” by New Order for their encore), it is easy to say they stole the show with their passionate playing, constant energy and an overall tight set. “


Neil James

Back in December we made an AMAZING £403.22 for Lifeshare, sharing the stage with The Twisted Dolls & Night Host for three fantastic sets. Thanks to the Castle Hotel for having us.

This is our cover of Temptation by New Order.

MASSIVE thanks for last night. We made an AMAZING £403.22 for Lifeshare, big thanks again to The Twisted Dolls & Night Host for playing fantastic sets and to the Castle Hotel for having us.Also to everyone for your generosity and for making it such an incredible night! We adore you.EJN xx

Posted by Gardenback on Thursday, 29 December 2016


Article – Gardenback Sleepless


Köln based writer, Savannah has written a short piece for the release of our new single.

The grungy guitar riff of Sleepless instantly reels you in as it welcomes you to a sound that you have never heard before. Gardenback simultaneously comes in together with a loud bang that creates a track that will have you listening on repeat all weekend. Ellis James’ edgy vocals perfectly coincide with his melodic bass lines as he sings the anthemic chorus:

“I wish I was someone you could love.”


Read the full article on the Cologne-based music blog HEY.