Let it happen – review

Read here what Let It Happen wrote about ‘Health and Wellbeing’.

“Manchester three-piece, Gardenback, have shared their new single, Health and Wellbeing. It’s their third release since appearing in early 2017 and, boy, does it show promise.

Slapping you right in the face with noisy psyche guitars and a driving post-punk beat, the track leaps out of the gate. The lyrics, looking at themes of mental health, drip with sarcasm (‘It’s out of sight, it’s out of mind’), highlighting modern attitudes towards mental health and the stigma around it.

It might’ve been easy to get lost in the desolate landscape the bleak lyricism creates had it not been for the electrifying instrumental. The guitars wash over the whole production, while the band look more towards the bass to steer the melodies. The drums refuse to let up at any point throughout the track as the song slowly builds, layer after layer being added, resulting in deafening dissonance, complete with a rallying cry riddled with despair, somewhat reminiscent of the nasal shrieks of a Cabbage tune.

This young band are brimming with potential and it will be exciting to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves. Anyone who wants to know can catch them at their debut London Show before they bring the house down at Kendal Calling in late July.”

Little Indie Blogs – Review

Read here what Little Indie Blog’s had to say about our latest single.

“Oldham garage rock trio Gardenback release new single ‘Heath and Wellbeing’ tomorrow (June 30), just in time to give it an airing later the same evening at their headline show at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen – followed by a date at Leeds’ Verve Bar on July 12 and Kendal Calling on July 26.

The follow-up to their earlier ‘Bulldogs’ is a sub-five minute torrent of swirling guitars and sharp-edged vocals. “Out of sight is out of mind”, Ellis James sings here – on the song he describes as the band’s most “creatively ambitious song to date” – which may not be the case with Gardenback in your head.”

The Revue – Review

Read here The Revue‘s review on ‘Health and Wellbeing’.

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve shared music from Oldham based band Gardenback. They have just released “Health and Wellbeing” and it’s a psych inspired rocker that truly expands the range and creativity we’ve heard so far from the trio.

The song tackles the struggles of mental health issues and how isolation can win out so that others close to that person have no idea what they are truly going through.

The song truly does embody the emotions that the lyricist might actually be feeling within the song – especially towards the end with an explosion of screaming guitars, layered lyrics and the parting lyric “Are you seeing what I’m  seeing?”  It’s possible the ending is an attempt to portray an audible representation of what they are ‘seeing/feeling’.  The trio has seemed to really lay it all out with this track and this could be the song that gains the attention of those that could possibly catapult the band in front of a larger audience.

Gardenback share a bit about the track: “Health and Wellbeing is about the pressure to seem “fine” when you’re feeling anxious or depressed. Bottling up these feelings can amplify them, and can make you feel like you’re carrying a huge weight, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone, and it is okay, and quite often helpful to talk about these things. If you think someone is struggling just let them know you’re there for them, and that they can talk to you if and when they want to- sometimes you can help people a lot by just listening.”

Turnupthevolume review

Read TurnuptheVolume‘s review here.

“This new, delirious single by outspoken garage trio ‘Gardenback‘ electrifies from start to finish. The reverberating guitar parts sound like they were recorded back in the psychedelic sixties and inject this commotive crackerjack non-stop with flaming fuel.”


GIGSLUTZ – Track of the day. Health and Wellbeing

This Feeling Track of the Day : Gardenback ‘Health and Wellbeing’

“Gardenback are a garage rock band have drawn comparisons with Pixies, Sonic Youth, PiL and Parquet Courts. New single, the swirling, raging ‘Heath and Wellbeing’ drops just in time for the band’s biggest Manchester headline gig to date Saturday (Soup Kitchen) and a busy summer which sees them playing the infamous House Party stage at Kendal Calling.

For fans of: Sonic Youth, Shame, Cabbage, False Heads”

Oldham Chronicle – ‘Gardenback are on a roll’



A new single due out soon and a mini-tour of the UK means Saddleworth indie prospects Gardenback are gearing up for an exciting summer.

The uber-talented band – front-man and bassist Ellis, guitarist Neil and drummer Jacob – continue to make waves on the local city scene, and they are hoping new track ‘Health and Well Being’ will further enhance their steadily growing reputation when it is released later this month.

Ellis said: “We’re really excited about it because when we started playing it at gigs towards the tail end of last year, we’ve always enjoyed playing it.

“It’s probably our most creatively ambitious song to date, so it’ll be quite fun to put it out there and see how it goes.

“It’s almost two songs stitched together, and that’s not something we’ve done before.

“When we were writing ‘Health and Well Being’ we tried out a few things on the vocals, and there’s a lot more emphasis on the dual vocals between Neil and I.

“It’s stuff we’ve played around with before, but we’ve never committed to recording it.

“Some of the guitar sounds on there are amazing too.

“It’s idiosyncratic, it’s unique, because some of the sounds Neil gets with his pedals are incredible.

“This new track is full of them.

“It almost sounds alien, but we did it first live and there’s no studio trickery involved so that makes it great.

“It’s very honest. We had a lot of fun recording it, there are some very weird sounds on it.”

The track sounds cool, and the lads are hoping the appeal soon spreads, in much the same way as ‘Bulldogs’ did earlier this year.

Even rock mag Kerrang! gave it the ‘Single of the Week’ treatment.

Ellis added: “We were a little surprised because we don’t have any metal heads among our fan base.

“I think one of their DJs must have picked up on it and liked it.

“A guy called Jack Wood started playing it for us.

“We don’t know exactly how well it went down with Kerrang’s listeners, but I suppose any coverage or publicity is good publicity!”

Armed with their new single, Gardenback have now begun their ‘Health and Well Being’ mini-tour, which began in Manchester at the Dot-to-Dot Festival.

They played Liverpool on June 1, Sheffield on June 12, London’s Aces and Eights on June 16, they headline Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on June 30, play Leeds on July 12 and round off at the prestigious Kendal Calling Festival (on the House Party stage), which takes place between July 26-28.

Neil said: “We organised it all with our management – Elephant Management – and they’ve been fantastic with us.

“They really helped us out sorting the dates and stuff.

“We’ve dotted in a few gigs so far this year, but we wanted to create a little run this time.

“Every time we’ve done gigs a bit further afield they’ve helped us pick up new fans, and it’s just nice to meet lots of new people.

“We love playing live too, of course, that’s the main thing more than anything.

“When you get out there you learn things about performances of other bands as well.

“Everyone’s always been really friendly when we play out of town, and it’s all about continuing to learn from each other as well.

“I think generally we’ve been getting more comfortable with our audiences, and just letting our personalities show.

“All three of us are miked up and that helps show our close relationship too.

“We kind of play for each other, and that helps us get into it more, which is always fun.

“It’ll be a bit of a trial by fire for some of the new songs, but we’re all so excited.”

The London show last weekend proved a roaring success.

A good-sized crowd greeted the Oldham lads, while they nailed numerous admiring glances on the way to and from the capital as they travelled in an old Oldham Chronicle delivery van (see picture above).

“It was crucial to play there,” added Neil.

“We have got a lot of friends in London and we had been wanting to play there for quite a while.

“It was great to take a little bit of Oldham to the capital I guess.”