Our latest release ‘Health and Wellbeing’ was released June 30th 2018 on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud coinciding with a single launch at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen, which was praised by Even The Stars as a performance that “lay down a marker as one of the best live bands in town”.

Recorded at Voltalab Studios, produced and mixed by Jamie Alsop. Mastered by Felix Davis at Metropolis Studios. Artwork by Alex Bennett @xela.ttenneb

“A psych inspired rocker that truly expands the range and creativity we’ve heard so far from the trio” – The Revue

“This new, delirious single by outspoken garage trio ‘Gardenback‘ electrifies from start to finish. The reverberating guitar parts sound like they were recorded back in the psychedelic sixties and inject this commotive crackerjack non-stop with flaming fuel.” – Turn up the volume

“The guitars wash over the whole production, while the band look more towards the bass to steer the melodies. The drums refuse to let up at any point throughout the track as the song slowly builds, layer after layer being added, resulting in deafening dissonance, complete with a rallying cry riddled with despair” – Let It Happen music blog

“A sub-five minute torrent of swirling guitars and sharp-edged vocals” – Little Indie Blogs


‘Bulldogs’ is out NOW on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

Bulldogs started life a few years ago as a response to an EDL march in our hometown of Oldham. This response found itself within this distorted and driving song, made with an aggressive energy parodying the behaviour of these ‘British Bulldogs

Recorded at Voltalab Studios, produced and mixed by Jamie Alsop. Mastered by Pete Maher.

“As distinctive and as bruising as the name would suggest, Bulldogs, as a song for the new generation, can prove to be as iconic to the Manchester music scene as its namesake is to this fair island of ours..” – Emerging North

A rapid, dirty bassline fits perfectly beneath the roaring vocals and gritty riffs. “B-U-L-L-D-O-G!” gives an added bonus to a live set, as you can imagine the crowd chanting along to the bruising track. – Tara Lou, GIGSoup


Listen to our last single ‘Sleepless’ and ‘Call It A Phase’ here:

Apple Music:

“Debut Single ‘Sleepless/Call It A Phase’ is a massive, real statement of intent’; psychedelic baggy beats meshed with a monster chorus, this is noisy, anthemic garage rock n roll of supreme quality” – Gigslutz

“Gardenback so far seem to be blazing their own trail in the indie rock arena and we could easily see them be the next UK band we are excited to see at an upcoming SXSW festival” – The Revue

“feisty garage rocker of a new track – ‘Sleepless’ – Little Indie Blogs

“A captivating wall-of-guitar monster fueled with vehement vocals and a hammering rhythm section. This three-piece’s heated intensity will fuel your engine instantly. Top!” – Turnupthatvolume